Vol-1, Issue-1, July - August 2020

Electric Vehicle Drive with Matlab/Simulink

Author : Najib Rouggani

Keywords: Friction, Earthquake,Turbulence model.

A Review study Improvement of air filter type the concrete cracks by using Bacillus

Author : Abhinav Sharma || Dr. Sukhvir Singh

Keywords: Resilient Pier; Shape Memory Alloy; Elastomeric pad; Bridge pier

Effect of COVID-19 on Higher Education

Author : Dr. Ahmad Begum || Dr. Pushparajesh V

Keywords: COVID 19 Coronavirus disease, Effect on higher education, effect on Families, effect on Society

Estimation of Runoff using SCS-CN Method and Geomatics Approch for Rela Watershed, Rajasthan

Author : K. Hema Narayana Reddy || Dr. Mahesh Kothari || Dr. K. S. Reddy || Dr. P. K. Singh || Dr. K. K. Yadav

Keywords: Rainfall, SCS-CN, Runoff, Remote sensing and GIS, Land Use/ Land Cover, Rela Watershed, Curve number.