There is no charge to submit paper for review, but publishing a paper in International Journal Current Education & Multidisciplinary from Latest Technology Science (IJCEMLTS) Journal requires Paper Processing Charges that is very little amount to editorial expenses, and will be paid by the any one submitting author upon acceptance of the paper for publication in accordance with the following criteria:

For Indian country authors- INR 3200 (Fixed – For one entire research paper)
For USA/Other Countries authors– USD $60 (Fixed – For one entire research paper)

(No any hidden Charges for extra Page/Figure, Article Processing)

Payment of Processing Charges:

There are following different ways of depositing fees for the publication of accepted papers. Author can choose anyone according to his/her suitability.
    Processing Charge includes:
  • Publication of one entire research paper Online.
  • Individual Digital E-certificate to all author of paper
  • All Author Registration Charges
  • Editorial Fee
Manuscript Processing Fees